Let's Get Weird ft. Egyptian Lover & Worthy

At Spin Nightclub
  • APR 06
  • 09:30PM PDT
  • San Diego , CA
  • Spin Nightclub

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We are excited to be bringing a couple of our favorite artists for an evening of great music, friend and all things WEIRD!

Egyptian Lover

**The Egyptian Lover started out as a D.J. in Los Angeles with Uncle Jamms Army doing dances at the L.A. Sports Arena. He began recording around Los Angeles in 1982 as a member of the Radio Crew. In the early days of hip hop, albums were rare, so most of The Egyptian Lover's successful recordings were 12" singles. He would eventually release some of the earliest rap LPs, which was especially unique for being west-coast based, but they were less popular than his singles. But on the strength of containing an alternate mix of his most popular single "Egypt, Egypt", 1984's On the Nile was moderately successful. After a break in the early 1990s, Egyptian Lover returned in 1994 with "Back from the Tomb". His last full-length album in over ten years. Since then he has made "Platinum Pyramids" and "Electro Pharoh" (Digital MP3) and is now working on a New Album entitled "1984" due to be released in 2011.

Worthy - San Francisco - DIRTYBIRD

When it comes down to the hype, his name says it all. He is Worthy. With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing & performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his audience, cultivating intense positive energy on the dancefloor. From salty aired islands to dark club basements, over the past 12 years, Worthy has paid reverence to the traditional form of classic house while tripping off the mark & sinking into the euphoric less-charted territories of booty-clapping bass. As Carl Cox said, “The Worthy sound has always been powerful, rocking, funky, bass-driven music at its best & for me this is the new wave in house music.” He establishes an energetic dance floor camaraderie that makes even the most skeptic hater’s booty shake.

Growing up in Washington DC, Worthy was inspired by the early American rave scene. Moving to New York in the late 90’s, he was exposed to artists like LTJ Bukem & Stacey Pullen whose music inspired him to play records across multiple genres, from techno & breaks to hiphop & drum n’ bass. In 2001 he swapped coastlines, moving to San Francisco to pursue his music career. There he teamed up with Claude Von Stroke & Justin & Christian Martin, becoming one of the 4 founding fathers of the Dirtybird party. Worthy’s breakout track, Irst Te, released on the Dirtybird label in 2007, quickly established his notoriety as a producer. With other bangers like Shy Look, Tric Trac (co-produced with Eats Everything) & Dip, Worthy has been rocking the “Dirtybird” sound for nearly a decade now.


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